Too English, Not Italian Enough

by Francesca Crisante, German and Italian:-To state the painstakingly obvious: I never really considered what the word ‘foreign’ meant to me personally before living in another country. By foreign I intend a sense of ‘foreignness’ that goes beyond being a tourist with a camera, someone’s guest or a visitor. To try and vaguely grasp at what I mean: The kind of foreign where you’re trying to buy a coffee and even during the simplest of linguistic exchanges that you practised a dozen times in year

Welsh and Arabic – A Similar Journey

While studying Arabic, Sophie Dowle’s has come to draw a few comparisons with this language and that of her home region, Wales. She also includes a few photos from the Middle East which remind her of the Welsh mountains and landscapes:-

Visiting Tibet

by Leo Munby, Chinese:- Tibet is an oft-talked about but seldom-visited place, due in part to China’s controversial occupation of the region, but also its sheer remoteness. Located atop the Tibetan plateau and bordered on three sides by mountain ranges, it is one of the highest and most isolated areas on Earth. The Kunlun Mountains cut it off from the northern steppes, the west is blockaded by the Karakorum Range, the Himalayas rise up in the south to crest at Chomolungma (known in