Welsh and Arabic – A Similar Journey

While studying Arabic, Sophie Dowle’s has come to draw a few comparisons with this language and that of her home region, Wales. She also includes a few photos from the Middle East which remind her of the Welsh mountains and landscapes:-

The Power of a Passport

by Sophie Dowle, Arabic:- “We’ll miss you! When will you be back in Jordan?” asks one of my friends who’s from Iraq but lives in Jordan.“I’m not sure”, I reply. “Maybe next summer, it depends whether I come back here or
go to a different Arabic speaking country. You should come visit me in Britain! It’s really lovely!”I say it without thinking, I’d love to show my friends the dreaming spires of Oxford and the green grass of home.“I’m not sure we’ll be let in.”They say it in a jokey tone, but the

Scattered Hearts – My Neighbours’ Story

by Emmeline Skinner Cassidy, Arabic– People often ask me if I feel safe in Jordan. They are thinking about how close Jordan is to the war in Syria, ISIS and the Israel-Palestine conflict. They assume that this proximity to the violence must mean that Jordan, too, is dangerous. I usually reply that, for me, the…

How Amman Stole my Heart

by Emmeline Skinner Cassidy, Arabic –  Amman is not a stunningly beautiful city. It is not the sort of city in which you arrive and, after five minutes of sauntering down picturesque streets, find yourself falling madly in love with its urban charm. It is neither a stereotypically ancient and “exotic” Middle Eastern city of…