La Marseillaise

by Elfie Lawson, French:-Marseille has never enjoyed the same popularity with travellers as other cities in the south of France. One of its famous inhabitants, author Jean-Claude Izzo (1945-2000) wrote, ‘Marseille isn’t a city for tourists. There is nothing to see. Its beauty can’t be photographed’. Both in spite of and because of this, Marseille has always possessed its own kind of allure. Founded in 600BC, Marseille is France’s oldest urban settlement, a metropolis that sprouted fr

O Canada, au Québec

by Nathaniel Hunt, French and Russian:-   If you reduce all that Canada is into two adjectives, it is unfathomably big and unquestionably beautiful. Flying into Montreal from the UK in late June, both of these truths became evidently clear from my viewpoint thirty thousand feet up. While the entirety of the British Isles had…

On the Metro

by Mary Maschio, French and English:- I usually take the metro twice a day, five days a week. I’ve been living in Paris since January so that makes a total of over 200 metro trips. Whilst this in no way makes me a metro veteran, it has been plenty of time to observe the comings…

Haiti: Unravelling a Paradox of Poverty and Privilege

by Ianthe Greenwood, French and German –    Haiti was not an obvious year abroad destination. Until very recently the British government warned against non-essential travel, health warnings abound about the Chikungunya virus, the mosquito borne virus which has affected most of the population, and the international media largely present it as a doomed economy,…

Crossing Borders

by Katie Graham, French and German – A border is a dividing line. It’s the point at which one country ends, and another, different one begins, one which has its own language, its own culture, and its own identity. At least, that was how I imagined borders before I found myself living just seven hundred metres away from one. I’m currently working as a language assistant on the very edge of France, in a town called Saint-Louis on the French-Swiss-German border. It’s a place where boundaries betwee