The Vienna Itineraries

by Evelyn Eisenhauer, German and Linguistics:-Reactions from friends in second year regarding the year abroad were endearingly outraged, first banning to to go, then promising to miss me, Skype me every week, and, of course, take the advantage of free accommodation in another city. So far, these promises of Skyping me every week have, somewhat thankfully, not come to realization, but what has is, far more pleasantly, the dedication and loyalty so many of them have shown by flying over for a wee

Too English, Not Italian Enough

by Francesca Crisante, German and Italian:-To state the painstakingly obvious: I never really considered what the word ‘foreign’ meant to me personally before living in another country. By foreign I intend a sense of ‘foreignness’ that goes beyond being a tourist with a camera, someone’s guest or a visitor. To try and vaguely grasp at what I mean: The kind of foreign where you’re trying to buy a coffee and even during the simplest of linguistic exchanges that you practised a dozen times in year

The City with a Scar at its Heart

by Thea Bradbury, German –   One of the many privileges of a year abroad spent in Berlin has been the opportunity to be present for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the fall of the Wall. Built in August 1961 and dismantled twenty-eight years later during the slow collapse of the Eastern Bloc, the Berlin Wall…

Remembrances in Germany

by James Reid, German –      It is a well publicised and obvious fact that this year, 2014, marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. In Britain of course the process of remembrance has been a huge undertaking. From the remarkable and moving display of ceramic poppies at the Tower…